A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Posts

a picture's worth a thousand postsWhen it comes to social media, having a well-maintained page is a must, but a few lines of text can only go so far. It’s easy to imagine your message being drowned out with all the articles, videos and memes in your audience’s timeline. Something as simple as placing an image with a call to action on it, beneath those lines of text, is all it takes to increase the eye catching power of your posts — by 650%! This points to the truth in a picture’s worth (almost) a thousand posts!

On top of that, an image can go a lot further to establish your brand’s identity. When a potential client is scrolling through your Facebook page and sees that everything from your banner to your posts share the same style guide, they will interpret that as a close attention to detail that they can equate to the product or service you provide.

Speaking of banners, it’s important to remember the value of a well implemented banner and profile picture. The one thing almost all social media platforms have in common is that the first impression a potential customer gets will be through the images heading your page. Making sure these are correctly sized and spaced is critical.

picture worth a thousand posts

Now for as tech-savvy as you are, creating and implementing professional quality graphics requires time and resources that most small to mid-size businesses won’t likely have in abundance. Luckily, here at the Lead Dog offices, we have a team completely dedicated to working alongside you to simplify the process. Once we know your brand inside and out, we will get started customizing your accounts and building content calendars to ensure an optimal output of quality, personalized content. We’ll even go so far as updating and hyper-linking old posts with new content to keep your accounts looking uniformly refreshed. Knowing that a picture’s worth a thousand posts can help you utilize your time more efficiently. Sometimes a picture can explain whatever message you are trying to convey, better than words.