Best Review Sites for Your Business

There are many reputation sites available on the Internet. It’s a matter of retrieving the best review sites for your business, practice or organization, and making them available to your patients or customers. One way of achieving this is by picking vertical search engines that gear their focus on a specific industry. Below are some popular and effective review platforms that can assist your business or organization.

Yelp Reviews

best review sites

For one, Yelp is a very popular review forum. However, you want to make sure that the people leaving comments have a track record of previous reviews. In addition, you want to make sure that their profile is completed. Yelp is very particular about what reviews they publish. You don’t want to prevent a positive review from being displayed just because of one of those factors was not fulfilled. There are other aspects that influence what reviews get displayed, but these are factors you can control.

Google Plus Reviews

best review sites google

Google Plus is another great place to get reviews because it shows up in Google search results when people look for your business, practice or organization. In addition, it affects your search engine optimization efforts; this is something that will affect your online presence.

*Google Plus and Yelp make up some of the best review sites to help your rankings in the search engines.


Facebook Reviews

facebook reviewsFacebook is a great social forum for leaving 5-star reviews, along with an impressing comment. Many people are looking for businesses and organizations today via social media. Having reviews on these social channels will give your company an edge and help support your brand.

Review implementation on your website

Other types of reviews are ones that you can implement onto your website. You might not always get a lot of reviews, but at the very least, it opens another avenue to get one. Sometimes it is great to ask customers to leave reviews on specific products or services that they purchased. You can have testimonials on your site, and on the specific page that discusses that product or service.

These are some common, effective ways of how to get positive reviews for your business, practice or organization. Working with your digital business partner, who is an expert in reputation intelligence, can help you advance your positive review efforts and build a positive impression of your brand.

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