What To Expect From Advanced Analytical Reporting

analytical reporting

advanced analytical reporting

If you really want to track your company’s progress and status to see what is working and what is not, updating your website monthly with analytical reporting is something that you want to have. Not just any analytical reporting, but reporting that gives you extensive access to your online presence. This includes keyword research analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, access to your business listings and more. Critical data will provide you with an overview of how much traffic you are getting to your online channels, the cities and regions of this traffic, and how many leads you are generating. Knowing this will help you to determine where your biggest sales funnels lie and what can use improvement. Furthermore, when running a campaign, you want to be able to see the effect it is having:

  • Are you reaching your target audience?
  • Are you making the best use of your online channels?
  • What general and specific changes need to be made?

A strategic business partner can access and analyze your company’s online presence to help guide you in discovering needs, designing strategies, developing solutions and delivering results.

The Devil is in the Details

the devil is in the details

Many companies would be surprised about how some of the smallest changes made on their website can have the greatest impact. The devil really is in the details. That’s why a good combination of technical skills and a user-friendly mindset are a few of the fundamental ingredients to achieving the best possible outcomes and results from your website. However, it’s not just about your website, but your other channels as well. This includes social, email, pay-per-click, organic search, referrals and whatever channels by which you generate traffic. The great thing about analytics is that you can track your metrics in granular detail; you will be able to do this more effectively than you could through other traditional methods.

Application of Analytical Reporting

Analytical Reporting is important because it helps save time and increase return on investment. You want to be able to determine the mediums and sources where you get the most traffic and leads. For example, one company might do really good with social channels, while another company might get better reception from organic searches. An organic search is when a user clicks on one of your pages via Google or other search engines. Knowing the channels and specific pages of your website that get the most visitors and leads will help tailor your focus on those forums and pages, and not waste time on channels that aren’t working — or work harder to improve those channels. Most companies have one or two pages that generate the most traffic out of all the pages on their website. Knowing this can be advantageous to your campaign.
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Analytics also provide you with graphs of how your traffic changes on a daily basis.

  • Are there certain days of the week that your company gets more reception?
  • Are there specific months or seasons of the year that your company is more successful?
  • What changes occurred due to running a specific campaign?

Analytical reporting can track data from specific days and compare them to other period intervals. This can help you get a better overview of where your company does best. Just as important, it gives you an idea on where your company is lacking. However, keep in mind that a lot of the free analytical tools out there are limited in what they show about your company’s online presence and what you can really do to improve it; utilizing the best tools will enable you to get a better return on investment.

What Analytical Reporting does in a nutshell

Monthly analytical reporting will tell you about your online status and your strengths and weaknesses. It will initiate the planning process so you and your strategic business partner can make the appropriate adjustments based on what is seen and interpreted, and plan the next course of action for your campaign or business efforts.