Build Your C-A-S-E: The Digital Marketing Basics

Learn the digital marketing basics and begin your journey at Lead Dog!

It’s no secret the Internet has taken over most of our lives. More and more, people are online for a majority of the day, and many will spend upwards of 5 hours per day on mobile devices alone! Large and small businesses alike must take advantage of the ever-growing online market.

In this article, we compiled the digital marketing basics so that your company can understand how the Internet can improve your brand, increase business and generate new leads.

Read on to see how Content, Analytics, SEO and Email shape digital marketing!

The Digital Marketing Basics



Content Marketing

A key component to any digital marketing strategy is Content Marketing. Like we’ve said before, content is key, and developing a strategy to draw people onto your website and social media pages is crucial to improving your brand. A content marketing (or inbound marketing) strategy can consist of a variety of different facets such as blogs, infographics, case studies and more.They aim to lead people to your site and compel them to stay there.


Social Media

Social Media is another great way to become the creator and distributor of your content. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow businesses to connect with a large number of people and target niche audiences. The content you produce for social media will add a personal touch to your business and brand. Starting a social media campaign, reaching out to customers and posting awesome content are the foundations to any successful digital marketing strategy.

Photo and Video Production

In recent years, the line between communications and marketing has blurred because of new and emerging technologies. With smartphones and tablets, businesses now have the power of a production studio at their fingertips. Sharing and distributing photos and videos to promote a company’s work is made easy by the Internet.

Video is especially important.

According to AdExchanger, 75% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2020. Businesses now have a responsibility to create content that can take the place of traditional advertising and increase their ROI.


Web Analytics & Design 

Focusing your digital marketing toward your website is fundamental in creating an effective and full-scope campaign. Redesigning and tracking your webpage should be first on your list in creating your digital marketing strategy. Look to designing a page that drives customers to it by using web, Google and SEO analytics. Analytics are the nuts and bolts to any marketing strategy, and they can concentrate and improve your ideas. You can even track website traffic and see how you compare to your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

An argument could be made that SEO is the best of the digital marketing basics. Our team at Lead Dog wouldn’t disagree, but we also think that having strong Content, along with solid Analytics and Email campaigns, will complement your search engine marketing strategy. SEO can get a little complex, especially for beginners, so we’ll outline some of the key ways businesses use it to their advantage.



Head & Long Tail Keywords

For those who don’t know, keywords are words or phrases commonly searched for on sites like Google. Typically there are two types of keywords: head and long tail. Think of your head keywords as umbrella terms. They are pretty general phrases, like ‘lawn care service’ or ‘dental implants.’ Although they are important in creating your SEO strategy, they serve as a way to categorize your business.

Long tail keywords, on the other-hand, are much more specific. These could be ‘lawn care mulching price’ or ‘what do i do when my teeth hurt.’ Long tail keywords will allow you to target more specific searches and include them on your website, blog and social media to attract more viewers.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a great tool for small and midsize businesses to target the specific area they are located in. A company should create pages that reference your service and area in your content. Having accurate business listings on review sites like Google and Facebook is also important. Read more about local SEO in one of our other blog posts.


Email Marketing

What better way to reach your customers than by showing up in their mailbox? Email marketing allows businesses to market directly to new and existing customers. By creating catchy headlines, incorporating interesting content and offering deals and promotions, companies can use emails to expand their online strategy.

However, with any good email campaign can come a few problems. Email inboxes clog up with junk and spam all the time, so it’s crucial to write emails that matter. Sure, it’s important to get your foot in the door, but most emails are trashed before they can even knock.

Take extra care in providing content and emails that matter, as this is important in any email marketing campaign.



Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this article! Check out some of our other digital marketing blogs and see how YOU can become the Lead Dog!