How to Increase Sales with Local SEO

increase your sales with local seo
If you own a local business, you are probably always thinking about better ways to gain new customers. Sometimes you rely on word of mouth or just hope people will find out about your business when they pass by your location. Unfortunately, your industry is probably much higher in competition than it was 10 years ago. If you have a company in a specific location(s), I am willing to bet there’s another company nearby trying to compete. Knowing how to increase your sales with Local SEO can make a huge difference.

How to Rank Your Local Business

Knowing how to rank your local business can be a tedious process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! There are steps you can take and, over time, you will see your results improve.
how to rank your local business

Make a Page that References Your Service/Product and the City You Want to Rank for in Search Engines

The main step is creating a page that focuses on your specific service or product and making references to the specific city and state you want to rank for. It will be much easier to rank for searches when you have an actual physical address for the city page you are optimizing. For example, say you own a pizza joint in Doylestown, it will be much easier to rank for that city page than say, Lansdale. An example of a search could be ‘pizza shop doylestown.’ Essentially, you want to incorporate the service + city, state in your content. This is one main aspect of Local SEO.

*Create a page that is Focused, Unique and Relevant*

(It’s about your specific topic of interest, it’s different from other pages on the same topic, and it has content about your product/service and the location you want to rank for)

Make Sure All Your Business Listings are Accurate

You want to make sure all your business listings are accurate across the internet, including directories and other sites that include your NAP (name, address and phone number). Consistency is very important. Optimizing your Google My Business Page is another factor that contributes to how and if your company information shows up in local searches. You want to make sure your website and business information is submitted to Google for this purpose. Doing this will directly improve your Local SEO efforts.
make sure all your business listings are accurate for local seo

Generate Positive Google Reviews

This step is crucial. You want to generate positive Google reviews. These reviews will not only show up in results when people search your company but also in local searches when people look up a specific service or product that you provide and have a page for. If your business successfully uses all the optimizing local SEO strategies, you can get placed in one of the 3 local snack pack spots that show up at the top of Google results.

Acquire Quality Links from Other Sites to Your Site (Backlinks/Inbound links)

If you create quality, likable content, it will increase your chances of someone from another site linking to your site. You can also gain links from other websites (backlinks/inbound links) by submitting your business information to directories and engaging in blog commenting etc. Acquiring quality links from other sites will increase your domain authority. This carries weight and tells Google that you are a reliable, popular source of information so it will raise your position in search results. Also, check your competitors to see who is linking to them.

Ultimately, it’s important that you can answer the following question with an affirmative YES!

Are Your Location Page Results Appealing to Your Customers Wants or Needs?

are your location page results appealing to your customers wants or needs

Overall, you will be able to achieve higher rankings and increase your sales with Local SEO by using some of these best strategies. When this happens, more people will see your page. If more people see your page, you will increase your chances of gaining a new customer. It’s important, however, to understand the element of personalization. If you are creating content that serves to a want or need, as opposed to being aggressive about selling, you will attract more customers.

Do you want to increase your sales and out way your competition?