6 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Brand

When so much importance is placed on professionalism, it’s easy to come off as a cold, unfeeling and corporate entity. Sometimes it’s necessary for your company to have a touch of humanity in order for your audience to relate to your goals and practices. When you personalize your brand, you personalize what you do and what you stand for.

  1. Your staff: Things like showing your staff working together or taking a group photo reminds your audience that your company is just a collection of everyday, hard-working men, and women just like them. You can even go so far as setting up a page on your website with a short bio for each of your staff members. That extra effort demonstrates the value you place on the people you work with.
  2. Humor: A simple joke is a quick way to build a connection with someone. It could be a picture on your Facebook page or a funny tag line on a billboard or a clever observation on Twitter. These are the strategies that not only capture attention but also get shared and talked about.
  3. Hobbies: Uploading photos of you or your staff engaging in a hobby or activity to Instagram allows your followers to feel like they are getting a look behind the scenes. They see the regular person first, and the business person second.
  4. Work environment: Looking like a fun place to work equates to being fun to work with. Things like personalized workspaces and decorated bulletin boards show that your staff has character and shares a certain level of camaraderie when working together.
  5. Charity: A company that gives to a cause is automatically of a greater moral caliber. Factor in a popular cause or local community and people will feel that your company’s values resonate with their own and are; therefore, worthy of their trust.

Online Interaction: Taking the time to respond to your client’s comments and tweets goes a long way in showing a genuine dedication to customer service. Plus, it makes it easier for potential customers to have their questions answered quickly and conveniently.

personalize your brand

It’s important to personalize your brand because it enables you to connect with people in a way that they can relate. If you can demonstrate to your potential customers what you represent, in a welcoming way, you will not only build a good reputation but open the door to future engagement. If you want to personalize your brand or need help managing your social media and other marketing needs contact Lead Dog today!