The Power of Video Marketing for Your Business

power of video marketing

power of video marketing

Today, everyone is on the move with their smartphones and watching YouTube videos more than ever before. It is a fast way for someone to entertain themselves to pass the time. In addition, it is one of the quickest ways to make a strong impact on the viewer. Whether it be a 5-minute video, 2-minute video, or even just a short 15-30-second video, if viewers likes what they see, they will be back for more, thus, attributing to the power of video marketing. A well executed video could be the deciding factor on whether the user decides to entertain your company’s services or products. It is also an incredible tool for demonstrating the culture of your affiliation. It can show your potential customers what your company does, what sets you apart, and how your company goes about their craft.
video marketing on youtube

  • Today more than 50% of internet users are making their searches via their smartphones and tablets.
  • Online video now accounts for over 50% of all mobile traffic. (These numbers are projected to increase drastically in the years to come)
  • 78% of people online watch videos every day.

More marketing video statistics.

All these statistics go to demonstrate that not only are people watching videos more than ever before, but that video can be a changing factor in the success of your business.

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The Power of Video Marketing by Emotion

inspirationPeople like an engaging video that entertains them, makes them laugh, makes them feel happy and impresses them. If they are trying to learn about something, they usually pay attention to the one’s that are clear-cut and easy to follow and understand. This explains why ‘How’ you present your video is so crucial to having the best possible impact; the power of video by emotion. The fact of the matter is that people are very emotionally driven. Whether they want to admit it or not, we all get affected by different things. We all have our triggers, whether they be positive or negative. This goes to show why we, as creators of videos, must take a conscientious approach to how our viewers are influenced. If you can appeal to the senses at the right place and at the right time, it can lead to fruitful outcomes.

Working with an experienced business partner can help you to professionally shoot and edit your video to reflect the desires and needs of your company. Whether it be to promote your brand, your services and products, a special event, or any important message you are trying to convey — video does it, and does it well. That’s the power of video marketing!