Google Ads: A Digital Marketing Must

When we want to know something, our automatic response is “just google it”. Google is using its power to rapidly expand and revolutionize its search engine empire. One of the most beneficial tools Google has released is its AdWords feature. Google AdWords is a digital marketing and advertising platform that advertisers utilize to position ads in Google’s Search Result Pages. Since inception, Google AdWords has become a sensational device used by digital marketing agencies to give a client the most for their money.

As previously mentioned, optimizing your business’ site and social media channels is one of the most important steps you need to take to reach a large audience. Thus, Google AdWords goes hand in hand with SEO, but with some added benefits! If optimized correctly, an AdWords campaign can produce much quicker results than organic SEO efforts. By achieving rapid success, you can rise the ranks in Google’s paid search and gain more traffic than your competitors.

Immediate vs. Long-Term Satisfaction

Traditional and organic SEO is known to bring successful results if done correctly. However, SEO can be a very time consuming, long-term process that requires a lot of attention. With AdWords, you can concentrate on multiple keywords simultaneously whereas traditional SEO can target only a few keywords at a time. Being able to focus on multiple keywords simultaneously allows you to gain instant visibility at an immediate cost.

With traditional SEO, there is no cost per click (CPC) linked with the organic search engine results. However, this does not go without the ongoing work needed to sustain high search engine rankings. AdWords requires you to pay-per-click (PPC), but if your campaigns prove to be successful and profitable, you can negate the cost and still meet your business goals. In other words, AdWords traffic is paid while SEO traffic is free. This should not necessarily be a deciding factor for whether or not you decide to use AdWords or SEO. Your decision should be based on how much quality content you are putting out and how much effort you are putting in as a business.

Additionally, Google AdWords ads appear at both the top and bottom of the Google Search Results Page. With certain parameters and conditions in place, you can get your ad in both locations. On the other hand, traditional SEO requires more work and different strategies to acquire a top position in the organic search results. A digital marketing agency like Lead Dog can help you discover which would be more beneficial for your business.

Web Traffic

One of the biggest differences between SEO strategies and AdWords is the quality and quantity of the traffic it produces. For fast, targeted traffic, AdWords is the go-to. AdWords is most beneficial to a business when it needs to gain immediate traffic. Often times this is the case with market testing, making quick sales, website testing, etc.

On the contrary, SEO is the foundation for better long-term brand awareness and brand loyalty; Adwords are just building blocks. Content marketing and social media are all crucial pieces to an effective SEO strategy.

Which One Do I Choose?

When comparing search engine optimization and the Google AdWords platform, it can be difficult to see which can be more beneficial for your business. Each tool has overlapping benefits so it does not have to be an option of one or the other. Both tools can be used together to make a powerful duo. Together, they will enhance your digital marketing strategy and successfully build your business.

Lead Dog can help you with either of these platforms and help build a digital marketing strategy that will help your business meet short and long- term objectives.