Improve My Business with Monthly Analytical Reporting

improve your business with monthly analytical reporting

If you are a business owner, it’s natural to have those moments where you question or wonder how long your company or organization can remain competitive and, in your opinion or another’s, successful. Monthly Analytical Reporting is a crucial first step to improving your business.

Below are three critical questions that you want to be able to answer. If these questions leave you puzzled or concerned in any way, you have come to the right place!

Questions You Want To Answer About Your Business

  • Where do you see your business in 5-10 years from now?
  • How will your business be able to remain as strong when other businesses in your industry come knocking on your customer’s door?
  • What is your edge that will distinguish your business from others in your industry?

Obtaining digital reports is one of the fastest, efficient and cost effective ways to see how your company or organization is doing from an online standpoint. For one, it will allow you to see how much traffic you are getting to each of your channels. In addition, it tracks where your leads are turning into actual customers!

The information provided in analytical reporting will save you a lot of time in the long run. The available data shows you where to place your efforts so you can optimize your capture rates even further. Analytical reporting will simultaneously give you clarification on your weak spots so you can improve those areas as well.

Two Top Reasons Why Your Popular Service/Product Pages are Not Ranking in Google

Let’s say you have a page about one of your products or services that are very popular in terms of in-store sales. You might expect these pages to do great online. There are two very common reasons why this may, unfortunately, not be the case:

1.Your page is not SEO-friendly.

Your page is not structured in a way that is popular and relevant to words users type in search engines. Google controls the lion’s share of search engines.

You may think your site is in tip-top shape, but many companies will be surprised to see that they aren’t getting the reception they expected. A lot of this comes down to granular details. While it’s important to publish material that is reflective of your customer’s wants and needs, it’s also vital that you cater to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards. Having a page that is optimized from an SEO standpoint means that you are structuring your page so it can be identified by search engines. When it is identified by the search engines like Google, it gets ranked in terms of relevance and quality to that of other pages that cater to the same words that users type in a search. This brings us to another common reason you may not be getting a lot of quality traffic to your popular in-store service, practice, etc.

2.Your direct and indirect competition has done something digitally that has captured a better online presence than you.

There are many factors and approaches to improving your site and your other channels. The first step, though, is identifying your problems and strong points. Analytical reporting is the best first step if you already have a site and one or more other channels. It will take the guesswork out of running your business. Digital reports present a great opportunity to truly grow your company or organization and take things to the next level.

analytical reporting


Analytical reporting certainly isn’t the answer to all your business concerns or efforts. However, it is an exceptionally helpful and vital first step.