Why You Need To Update Your Website Monthly

update your website monthly

update your website monthly

Are you being left behind? Are other more relevant and popular websites showing up higher in the rankings for Google? Even if you have a stellar website that looks great, it is crucial to make changes and update your website monthly. It’s not just about making any changes, but the right ones. You want your site to appeal to your users. In addition, you want to take into consideration the search engine and how it may interpret the content you are creating and publishing. There are many factors that determine the strength of your website. One significant factor is how relevant your keywords and phrases are to the actual content and other search engine optimization implementations on your pages. If you don’t make changes monthly to show Google and other search engines that you have a fresh website that is alive and well, you might get left behind. In addition, factoring in the trends and what users really want to see can affect the strength or ‘domain authority’ of your website. In addition, it can affect the ‘pagerank’ of each individual page.

Domino Effect: When You Update Your Website Monthly

When you update your website monthly, it optimizes search engine capabilities. This can result in higher rankings. You are, essentially, optimizing your online presence. A stronger online presence usually results in more online traffic. When you receive more online traffic, you are exposing more interested users to your pages, which can convert into potential customers. This is why you really don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to update and refresh your website. It creates a ‘domino effect’ that positively affects your online presence, which can yield potential new customers.

domino effect of updating your website monthly