Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 (So Far)

Snapchat has become a popular place for larger companies to advertise their products.


Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 have seen a continued rise in video, content marketing and SEO alongside new technologies like AR and VR marketing. However, one thing remains clear: digital marketing proves to be vital for businesses. Internet and mobile devices are always changing, and it’s key to stay on top of their evolution.

Video Content Is King

Like we said before, videos are powerful for business, and in 2017, they’re proving just that. Personal and first-person experiences are becoming the norm for Internet users across a range of platforms. Youtube, Vimeo and Snapchat (which launched its IPO earlier this year) are becoming the hubs for desktop and mobile video.

According to Cisco’s annual Visual Network Index report, 82% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. More and more, businesses are using this trend to their advantage.

Live streams have also burst onto the video scene. People are flocking to websites like Facebook and Instagram for live video content, and businesses are taking notice. Everyday, companies use live streams for Q&A, informational and educational sessions to market to their followers in a unique way.

Video will remain on top for years to come, and digital marketers will continue to shoot and produce content.

Content Marketing Remains Vital

Content marketing campaigns continue to be dominant in the digital marketing landscape today. More and more, businesses are using blogs and web posts to drive traffic to their websites.

This trend has also shown that ‘influencers’ and niche marketing are gaining traction in 2017. Companies are using popular social media users to promote products and services that follow these accounts. Because social media is constantly flooded with new information and voices, companies have started to use these influencers and niche content marketing campaigns to target more specific audiences.

SEO Claims Its Stake in Mobile

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, continues to be the premier way for businesses to boost website traffic and drive business. With updates in Google’s mobile policy and the popularity of SEO, it has become increasingly apparent that search engine marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

As the digital marketing landscape becomes more fierce, businesses must refresh and update their websites to match evolving SEO standards.

To Come: AR and VR Marketing

Your first question might be, what is AR and VR? They stand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, respectively. They are the newest mediums businesses can use to market their brands and products. So far, only major companies are using these features on the likes of Snapchat and VR headsets, but as the technology becomes commonplace, expect to see small and midsize businesses taking advantage of their cool features.


Keeping an eye to new trends and patterns is critical in understanding how digital marketing can improve your business!