How To Write Compelling Copy For Your Blog

Learn how to write compelling copy for your blog marketing strategy at Lead Dog!

Let’s play some pretend.

You’re a dentist,  and over the last few years several of your patients have asked for a teeth whitening service that will transform their smile in just a few hours. You always tell them that teeth whitening takes time, and they may not get the results they want without some effort on their end.

One day, Smile Bright, a dental startup company, develops a brand new and revolutionary product that will make those pearly whites bright in less than an hour, and you want to use it at your practice.

You decide to get the word out, but traditional marketing can take too long and calling your customers is time consuming. What if there was a way to provide relevant, useful and detailed information instantly and directly to your customers?

With a business blog, you can do just that.

A blog is a great way to post articles, offer opinions and track insightful trends and products in your industry for your customers to read. Just like with any content, if it isn’t intriguing, your audience won’t be compelled to read it. It’s crucial to write fascinating copy that will make your blogs shine. Plus, your customers will want to read more and even check out your services.

Hook, Line and Sinker


Are you desperate to produce awesome copy for your business blog posts?


Do you struggle to come up with ideas for a new piece?


Is your business blog falling behind competitors and you don’t know what to do?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on!


Are you hooked? The purpose of any opening paragraph should be to reel in an audience and compel them to keep reading. One of the best ways to do that is to pose a question and answer it with the article itself. By creating a sense of urgency, your reader will want to know why they need a solution. There are other options too, like presenting an interesting fact, providing an anecdote or setting up a cliffhanger.

For example, in digital marketing blogs, people often look for ways to improve their business and understand how the Internet and social media can do that. It’s important to start a blog with words that will target an audience’s desires and give them a reason to read.

Begin with a line that will hook.

Keep Your Vision Clear

When writing the body of your blog post, it’s crucial to know your audience and brainstorm ideas that will suit their informational needs. By having a clear understanding of who you’re writing to and what you’re writing about, you’ll be able to provide articles that will help your customers and enhance your own blog marketing strategy. Stay on topic!

Oftentimes, in simple and complex subjects alike, it’s easy to stray from the original purpose of your post. To prevent this, create a structured outline of each topic so that you will be able to cover your bases and say exactly what you want to say. Utilize headers and tags to provide an easy-to-follow guide for your reader! Plus, a solid structure can help you stay organized.

Weave with Data

Another great way to back up any claims in your blog marketing posts is to cite data and information to give your writing validity.

Did you know that 81% of consumers trust information from blogs?

It’s your job to provide information in your posts that will help, not hurt, your customers. By presenting data from outside sources, you will gain more authority in your industry and more credibility with your readers. Reliable data and figures can even compel them to read some of your other posts!

Another plus to adding links (both outbound and inbound) is that you will gain more traction for search engine optimization and Google’s rankings. More links will build your standing with Google’s algorithm and you’ll be able to reach higher than before. Don’t add links for their own sake, but weave them into your copy seamlessly so your audience will understand why they’re there.

Picture Your Mission

We said before that A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Posts, and it’s very important to include relevant and awesome pictures within your blog marketing articles. Pictures, though not necessarily words, can light up your posts and make them more inviting and accessible to your readers.

Many people are visual learners, and they can become bored with too many jumbled up words and phrases. Be sure to add images to your posts so they stand out to your audience. Every image you include should serve a purpose to guide the reader throughout the article. Avoid plain and popular stock images too, as this can make your blog look unprofessional and generic.


Effective and compelling copy is key in making your blog posts successful. Writing that informs and intrigues your audience will help establish a strong reader-base and potentially more customers. Be sure to utilize these tips for your next article and tell your story!


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