How To Make The Best Use Of An Image For Social Media

While content is king for your blogs and landing pages, images rule on social media. People love looking at an intriguing photo, as it captures their attention very easily. The difference between having an image or not can impact your reach drastically. Not to say that all of your posts must have pictures in them, but just pointing to how it can be a fast and easy way to grab your viewer’s attention. The whole ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words’ hasn’t lost its truth in the least. One way to get the best use of an image is publishing a picture of people or a person feeling the way you want to feel. For example, a picture of a sincere, smiling face could affect how a user perceives your post. They see a bright smile and their brain instantly associates it to happiness.
best use of an image

Factoring the color and resolution to make the best use of an image

high resolution greenAnother is factoring the color and resolution of the photo. In order to make the best use of an image, you want to use as high-quality photos as you can and avoid blurry images. Also, factor in the size of your image. Bigger images usually get a better reach and have a more profound impact. Color is another influencing factor, which has a strong psychological component. For example, take the color red for instance. This color has a very alert association because of red lights and stop signs. It can get people’s attention, but be careful not come on too strong and create too much of a ‘panic’ effect. The color green has a very organic feel to it and resembles prosperity. Black and gray, on another hand, have a very rich appeal to them. These are some of the things you want to consider when picking out images for your posts.

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