Why A Monthly Site Audit Is Crucial To Your Business

When you create and update your website, you open the opportunity to improve your site’s online presence and reach more interested users. However, sometimes you need to make sure that these changes are compliant with search engine standards and basic website protocol. That is why running a monthly site audit is crucial if you want to most effectively pinpoint any crawl issues that may exist. The next step is actually knowing what these issues are exactly so that you can go to your website and fix crawl issues that may exist. Making these changes will give you the best outcomes in terms of user experience and optimize your site’s ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Fixing your site’s crawl issues isn’t the only factor you need to put into action to optimize your site’s conversions and outcomes, but it’s definitely a pivotal factor.

Steps to Running a Monthly Site Audit to Fix Crawl Issues On Your Site

monthly site audit

  • Run a proper Site Audit.
  • Discover Errors, Warnings, and Notices.
  • Be able to define exactly what the issues are.
  • Make changes, and update your site (Fix Crawl Issues).
  • Re-Index your site to your Google Search Console so it picks up the changes faster, and more thoroughly.
  • Repeat Site Audit after making new changes; re-crawl site periodically even if you aren’t making changes.

Lead Dog Marketing Solutions can help you run a monthly site audit for your company’s website and tell you what your issues are, what they mean, and then fix them.

Why are they called Crawl Issues?

They are called ‘crawl’ issues because technical figures known as robots and spiders actually scan through the pages of your website to determine what it is about. It starts at the top of your page and then goes through the rest it, including a crawl of the pages that you may have linked to from another crawled page.
google search console

What are some examples of crawl issues that could negatively influence my site?

Many of the crawl errors, warnings and notices that can erupt on your site pertaining to backend materials, which aren’t always so easy to notice without running a proper site audit. Some issues can include having duplicate content or title tags for more than one page on your website. It’s helpful that this information is highlighted because it tells you that you could be ranking for more terms and concepts if you made more of a distinction from one page to another.
404 errorOther errors could include having internal links that are broken. Sometimes you have to change your URLs or something unexpected occurs. The issue with broken links is that when you click on a link it doesn’t go to the page it should go to. This negatively affects user experience and is received as a red flag to the search engines. Your ranking can plummet as a result. There are many other errors and warnings that can show up in a site audit, which can hurt your rankings in the search engine results. This is especially true if spam is associated with your website. Spam can sometimes make search engines, like Google, decide to remove your site from its index entirely. If you aren’t in the index, it means you aren’t showing up in any results for that search engine. This is why it’s important to keep your site updated, and void of any issues that could negatively affect your site’s user experience and influence. Additionally, you want to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

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